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Time to Move the Money From the Pentagon to the People!

Global Day of Action on Military Spending April 14/15

Conference call briefing: Wednesday, April 2, 8 – 9 pm EDT. (712) 775-7000; code: 637020#

O dia 14 de Abril de 2014 foi definido como o quarot dia de ações globais contra os gastos militares (Global Day of Action Against Military Spending GDAMS), coincidindo com a publicação da Estatístca anual sobre gastos militares no mundo do Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Nós levantamos junto com o resto do mundo para trazer o nosso testemunho para o fato que We will stand with the rest of the world to bear witness to the fact os gastos militares são o maior impecílio na busca da solução das necessidades humanas, da crise do meio ambiente que são os problemas mais graves que dos nossos povos. Nos Estados Unidos da America do Norte ações serão desenvolvidas nos dias 14 e 15 aproveitando que o dia 15 está dedicado a um dia sobre os impostos e assim vamos unir as ações com o Global Day of Action Against Military Spending – GDAMS. Traga informações sobre sua atividade e da sua comunidade.


April 14, 2014 has been declared as the fourth Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS), coinciding with the release by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) of its annual statistics on global military spending. We will stand with the rest of the world to bear witness to the fact that military spending, especially the impact of US military spending, stands as the major obstacle to addressing the human needs and environmental crisis facing all of our peoples globally. Here in the US, Tax Day actions will be held on April 15and some groups will combine GDAMS actions with those. Post your activity or find one in your community.

Get GDAMS leaflets, facts sheets and a recording of the March 19 webinar by the National Priorities Project on the federal budget comparisons here. Some tools you can use (partial list):

  1. Join the GDAMS Thunderclap!  Follow@DemilitarizeDay. Tweet! On April 14/15 share this message: #GDAMS2014! Time to shift priorities and #movethemoney!  Cut military spending, fund human needs!
  2. State Tax Receipts for all 52 states prepared by National Priorities Project. You can download and paste into the Tax Day/GDAMS templates to hand out at events or post to your website.
  3. The new Pie Chart prepared by War Resisters League showing where our tax dollars go.
  4. Mayoral Proclamations.Ask your mayor to issue a Tax Day/ Global Day of Action proclamation.  Click here for a sample proclamation, tips and background materials prepared by Western States Legal Foundation on behalf of Mayors for Peace.
  5. Web buttons for websites and blogs are available for download. Scroll down this page.
  6. Conference call briefing:Wednesday, April 2, 8 – 9 pm EDT. (712) 775-7000; code: 637020#  Hosted by the New Priorities Network. Sponsored by the Pentagon Budget Campaign, Rethink Media and Peace Action.

Join Chris Ford of the Pentagon Budget Campaign to discuss how you can use social media to build excitement for and bring people to your action. He’ll also share the best practices for getting the media to cover your issues and events.

Judith Le Blanc from Peace Actionwill give an update on the US and global organizing for Tax Day and the Global Day of Action on Military Spending and how your group can join the activities.

GDAMS was initiated by the International Peace Bureau, recipient of the 1910 Nobel Peace Prize. US groups sponsoring Tax Day/GDAMS events: Alliance for Global Justice, American Friends Service Committee, CODEPINK, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Foreign Policy in Focus, Friends Committee on National Legislation, National Priorities Project, Peace Action, Progressive Democrats of America, United for Peace and Justice, USAction, US Labor Against the War, War Resisters League, Women’s Action for New Directions & Women’s Legislators’ Lobby.

This is how we work together! GDAMS is a great example of how UFPJ networks with local, national and international organizations to maximize our collective impact. Please let us know if you are planning a GDAMS/Tax Day action by dropping us a note: info.ufpj@gmail.com. And please make a donation to support our long term work for peace and justice.

P.S. UFPJ is closely following the dangerous situation in the Ukraine. Check out our new Ukraine Crisis Reader for a collection of articles that may be helpful to those trying to make sense of all the competing claims. 

Thanks for all you do!

Jackie Cabasso and Terry Rockefeller,

on behalf of the UFPJ Coordinating Committee

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