“Israelis demonstrate against collective punishment in East Jerusalem” (Interview)

Os judeus, os que de fato tem referência no judaismo o que significa, os que não são zionistas, entendem o que é justo e sabem conviver com os árabes até porque eles têm uma história em comum.

The Leftern Wall

Interview with by Sarah Levy, writing for MondoWeiss:

”About 80 Israelis rallied last Wednesday night outside of Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat’s house, chanting and banging drums in protest against the intensified attack on East Jerusalem that has taken place over the last week and to demand an end to what they call the policy of collective punishment toward the residents of East Jerusalem. Protesters chanted “There’s no such thing as illegal houses, there is such thing as racist laws,” and “Arresting children does not bring security,” and held signs such as “Discrimination and marginalization in East Jerusalem = Apartheid.”

…Although Palestinians living in East Jerusalem contribute 40% of the city’s taxes, they only receive 8% of municipal spending, resulting in dire situations for schools, hospitals, and other vital city infrastructure like water, sewage, and roads.

Palestinians are also rarely granted building permits by the state of Israel, forcing growing…

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