Edward Snowden é a réplica do Senador Frank Church do século 21

Pela notícia, Tarcisio Praciano-Pereira

Kristie Macrakis, é uma professora de História Tecnologia e Sociedade da Georgia Tech e autora de cinco livros sendo os mais recentes “Stasi: Seduced by Secrets” e  “Prisoners, Lovers, and Spies” publicados em abril.

NSA/CSS Georgia Cryptologic Center

Fort Meade, NSA headquarters in Maryland

NSA Hawaii

NSA Texas

NSA Colorado

NSA Oakridge, TN

NSA Sugar Grove

NSA Utah  que mede 1.000.000 pés quadrados (aproximadamente 1.2 Km quadrados ou o equivalente 10 quarteirões por 10 quarteirões) – apenas a NSA de Utah.  NSA Utah, a facility in excess of 1 million square feet.
Edward Snowden é Frank Church e os reporteses  Glenn Greenwald e  Barton Gellman são os seus funcionários de apoio investigativo (comparando com apoio de Church no Congresso americano). Na falta de proteção do Congresso os sopradores tem que entrar em cena.

Siga lendo:  http://historynewsnetwork.org/article/157437   no site da Sociedade Americana de História.

The current congressional intelligence committees are in bed with the Intelligence Community. They are no longer watchdogs but sleeping hounds. Intelligence oversight committees have become part of the entrenched bureaucracies. Saxby Chambliss from the Senate Intelligence Committee sponsored the new NSA Georgia expansion. The committees have become part of the intelligence bureaucracies, not overseers of it.

Bureaucracy and secrecy are a toxic mix. Forty years is a long time in the life cycle of a governmental bureaucracy. It is time for renewal, a time for re-thinking who will do the oversight. The only report the public has seen is from the Washington insiders on the Presidential Review Committee with its bewildering 47 recommendations. The government has been slow in telling us which of the specific recommendations will be accepted.

Many of the issues raised by the voluminous Church Committee reports are surprisingly similar to those of today. Church and his committee were prescient. Aside from preserving first and fourth amendment rights, staffers warned against Orwellian technologies of surveillance. One worry was that “some government organization by the expenditure of enough money could have the capability to “know everything about everyone” at any time.” Well, here we are. The new national security state has received more money for intelligence than ever in the history of the world and the NSA has the capability to know everything about everyone. The Stasi could only have dreamed of such capabilities.

As James Risen has recounted in his new book Pay any Price, Diane Roarck, a staffer responsible for the NSA on the Senate Intelligence Committee was rebuffed, harassed and ostracized when she brought her concerns about NSA’s domestic surveillance program to other committee members and leaders.

Technology always moves faster than laws and society. This is true also for surveillance technologies. In the absence of congressional oversight, it is good we have whistleblowers like Thomas Drake, Bill Binney and Edward Snowden. It is too bad it had to take the most dramatic one of all—Snowden—to jolt Washington into frenzy. Let’s hope that frenzy turns to action not just damage control.



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