A ocupar a nossa democracia, também. As razões são as mesmas, congresso roubado pelos vigaristas da economia

Ativista Londrino da  OccupyDemocracy se prendeu com um cadeado nas grades do Parlamento.

London OccupyDemocracy Activist Locked on to Houses of Parliament Railings


OccupyDemocracy was formed in March as a working group of Occupy London to build a social movement for genuine democracy that is free from corporate influence. A call to re-occupy on Friday the 21st went out and supporters have held space outside of Parliament since.

At about 3:30pm this afternoon occupydemocracy supporter Arron locked on to the railings of Houses of Parliament. Arron has a bicycle D-lock around his neck linking himself to the House of Parliament railings. He was arrested at the previous occupydemocracy protest in October for sitting on a piece of Tarpaulin on Parliament Square.

The focus of the occupydemocracy demonstration has now moved directly in front of the Houses of Parliament where our constructive programme of talks and debates continues on the pavement.
Explaining his decision to take this act of nonviolent civil disobedience he said:

“The oppression of my free speech during  Occupy Democracy in October was so extreme I feel this is the only way to get my voice heard “

Former Liberal Democrat Vice Chair and author of “The Prostitute State”, Donnachadh McCarthy, who gave a speech at #occupydemocracy earlier today said:

“Arran’s heroic gesture is in the proud democratic tradition of the suffragettes  – our democracy has been so damaged by corporate hijacking that only such mass peaceful direct action can create a democracy works on behalf of all the people, and not just the 1%”

#occupydemocracy has come together to build a movement for a democracy free from corporate influence that works for all of us – not just banks, corporations and a wealthy few.

Protestors are holding a 20 metre banner saying “Real Democracy Now!” in front of the Houses of Parliament.


OccupyDemocracy‘s first occupation of Parliament Square, 17-26 October 2014, attracted hundreds of people over the course of nine days – including prominent figures such as Russell Brand, Ken Loach, Vivienne Westwood and Jolyon Rubinstein; politicians such as Caroline Lucas MP, John McDonnell MP, Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, Baroness Jenny Jones and Michael Meacher MP; and representatives of dozens of progressive civil society organisations who, in turn represent millions of people, yet have little voice in our democracy.

Supporters cite that there is a real opportunity between now and the general election to put the spotlight on our ailing democracy. 

They said: 

“Our democracy is in crisis. Our elected ‘representatives’ are paralysed in the face of yet another banking crisis. Under the banner of the ‘austerity’ scam, our public funds were stolen to bail out immoral gambling banks. Much needed and hard fought for public services are being gutted in preparation for yet more privatisation. The failure of our parliamentarians to deal with the sordid child abuse scandals at the heart of Government speaks volumes.

“The main political parties no longer represent us: they have been captured by corporations and their lobbyists, and their policies are largely the same. Decisions are made for the benefit of corporations and the super-rich – not for the 99%. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, while corporations pay an ever-decreasing amount of tax. The inequality is only going to get worse if we don’t act.

“Nobody voted for the dismantling of the NHS, tripling of tuition fees, the Bedroom Tax, welfare cuts, an attack on disabled people and those on benefits, fracking under our homes or secret trade deals that give corporations power over how our country is run.

“The media is not reporting it but everyday people are protesting about the symptoms of this crisis including: depressed wages, a housing crisis, hospitals threatened with closure, an escalating climate crisis, police brutality, wars we don’t support, benefit cuts and blacklisting.

“But these are all symptoms of the same disease: the corruption of our democracy.” [3]

A new movement for a revolution in democracy

Last month, when occupydemocracy occupied Parliament Square peacefully for nine days, the strategic response of the establishment failed in its intended chilling effect – with over-policing to deter numbers from growing and a veritable media silence about the oppression the protesters faced. Remaining peaceful and resolute in demanding their right to protest and assemble, numbers and awareness grew and the focus was kept on the solutions-focused programme of debates, talks and entertainment. Triumphantly, on the final night they agreed a provisional set of demands. [4]

Come join us as we occupydemocracy. 

How can I get involved?

  • Drop by and help build the movement for Real Democracy Now! 
  • Bring warm clothing and food to share
  • Get involved in the conversation of twitter – follow the #occupydemocracy hashtag
  • If you can’t get down to the Square, get together with your friends and create your own event, action or occupation.



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