On the Bilingual School, Racist Arsonists & the Problem with “HaTikvah”

Tenho o agradável sentimento de que cresce significativamente o número de judeos que compreendem a diáspora palestina e se voltam contra ela.

The Leftern Wall

I debated for a little while whether to turn my Facebook status from this morning, which I wrote in Hebrew, into a more filled out blobpost in English. Here’s why I hesitated:

1. It felt specifically like it was targeting a fairly narrow segment of the Hebrew-speaking Israeli Left.

2. More than that, I admit, I was worried about coming off as “too critical” of other parts of the Left (or Left-ish, we’ll get to that), and as pedantic and nitpicky, especially in times like these, when there is so little public dissent.

3. It felt like too much effort.

Here are the reasons why I ultimately decided to translate/elaborate/write this post:

1. My conversation-partners are not and cannot be only members of the Hebrew-speaking Israeli Left. This is, in part, because I do not believe that the Hebrew-speaking Israeli Left will end the occupation. I believe that some parts…

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