The Leftern Wall’s Top 14 from 2014

I feel well here

The Leftern Wall

2014 was a heartrending year, filled with some devastatingly low lows and a few moments of decency shining between the cracks.

There’s been substantial interest in the goings-on here in Israel-Palestine in general (especially in July-August, 2014), and over the past 363 days, this blob has hosted just under 50,000 unique visitors, who, together, have read Leftern Wall posts over 84,000 times. The top ten countries in terms of readership, have been, in this order: United States, Israel, the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, State of Palestine & Jordan. Along with tens of thousands of folks from another 154 countries (with twice as many readers from “Réunion” (4), which I’d never heard of until right now, as from China (2), leading me to believe that this blob is either censored in the People’s Republic, or folks in Zhōngguó have greater walls to focus on, as it were).


Below are the 14 top pieces from 2014…

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