Why the IDF mistranslates its own 1 min. video by adding the word “Terrorist” four times.

No domingo, 11 de Janeiro, diversos “líderes” mundiais estavam junto com Hollande na manifestação em Paris. Mas o The Guardian identificou alguns como os que tinham maior record negativo junto aos “reporteres sem frontreiras” como perseguidores de jornalistas, como o israelita Benjamin Netanyahu e o egípcio Sameh Shoukry. Enfim a hipocrisia se levanta para fazer uso da chacina no Charlie Hebdo.

The Leftern Wall

This morning, I was scanning Twitter, and stumbled across this odd tweet from the IDF Spokesperson.

I watched the video, which, in and of itself, seemed pretty tame. The part that struck me was not the video’s content, but the subtitles. In watching it the first time, sort of absentmindedly, I noticed some oddities in the translation, specifically around the word “terrorist.” I went back and watched it again, and was sort of stunned by what I noticed.

At the beginning, the soldier says: ”איום של חדירה”, which means, in this context, “the threat of infiltration.”

The video’s translation:

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 1.40.20 PM
Fine, maybe they’re just taking a bit of creative license, or trying to extrapolate on what the solider says later. Then, at second 0:24, the soldier says:…

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