Os oragotangos podem estar eliminados em 25 anos, depois será o nosso caso!

This is not the email I want to be writing to you, Tarcisio – but the subject line says it all.

If deforestation in Indonesia continues to accelerate at the current rate, the orangutans’ habitat could be completely wiped out in just 25 years – and with it, we’ll lose these beautiful, intelligent creatures forever.

We need to act now to stop this. We’re stepping up our campaign to force palm oil suppliers to end this appalling destruction, but we need your help raising the funds.

Will you help save the orangutan, Tarcisio? Donate now to help end deforestation in Indonesia: 

Two years ago, when our campaign forced the biggest players in the palm oil industry to agree to stop destroying forests, I was overjoyed. Finally, we thought, the rainforest was going to get the protection it so badly needed.

But since then, the industry has dragged its heels. Not only has it failed to follow through on its pledge, Greenpeace investigators have now revealed deforestation appears to actually be getting *worse*.

In the last two years alone, corporations have destroyed four per cent of the critically endangered orangutans’ habitat – a rate that, if it continues, could wipe out the remaining orangutans in just 25 years.

We need to challenge the culture of secrecy that’s enabling the industry to get away with this. We’re calling on the Indonesian government to release the maps we need to expose who is destroying rainforests – and where. Using cutting-edge satellite technology, we’ll be able to hold companies to account and make sure they can’t hide their destruction any longer.

This “Forest Crime File” could be a game changer in our campaign to end deforestation, but it won’t come cheap. Donate now to help fund it, Tarcisio – it takes just two minutes to do: 

Coming face-to-face with an orangutan a few years ago was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I can’t bear the thought that the next generation might grow up in a world without these incredible animals living in the wild; that after millions of years on this earth, they might be lost forever in the blink of an eye – all in the name of corporate greed.

But I am convinced that, with your support, we can save Indonesia’s rainforests, and the orangutans that depend on them. After all, eight years ago a Greenpeace campaign just like this one forced Brazil’s soya industry to stop destroying the Amazon.

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