Os sucessores de Dilma todos estão sob acusação de crimes

Criminosos espreitam a saída de Dilma para tomar o poder, ela que não deve à justiça!

Enquanto que Dilma nada deve à justiça nem mesmo existe qualquer denuncia de crime cometido por ela, os três criminosos que espreitam o poder com sua saída tem severas denuncias contra eles.

Está na BBC

But the three men in the line of succession have faced accusations of wrongdoings. They are all from the PMDB party, the largest party in the coalition, which abandoned Ms Rousseff in recent weeks to support the impeachment.

  • Vice-President Michel Temer is accused of involvement in an illegal ethanol-purchasing scheme.
  • Eduardo Cunha, the Speaker of the lower house, is going on trial in Brazil’s Supreme Court on charges of corruption and money laundering linked to the Petrobras scandal. He is accused of pocketing at least $5m (£3.5m) in bribes.
  • And Renan Calheiros, who heads the upper house of Congress, is also accused of receiving bribes related to Petrobras. He also faces accusation of tax fraud in a separate case.

They all deny the allegations against them.


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