A parar a venda do peixe em conserva John West

Visit Sainsbury’s & tell them to drop John West!

O consumismo de peixe em conserva, enlatados, vem colocando em risco a nossa própria existência no caminho para liquidar a saborosa sardinha. É preciso nos conscientizarmos de que não comemos apenas pelo sabor mas sim para viver e então é preciso que o consumismo seja controlado para permitir que o estoque não se acabe  pelo simples sabor. Consumismo não é alimentação é mesmo predatório.

You can find your local store here: Sainsbury’s store locator

    • Larger stores will have a customer services desk – if your local store is smaller please ask to speak to the store manager or duty manager.
    • Here’s a letter that you can hand in – it covers the basic points of the campaign but please do add to it – particularly if you’re a regular customer at Sainsbury’s or this particular store. Download the letter
  • If you feel confident, you can talk to the manager about the campaign – if not (or if you don’t have time!) you can just say you have a complaint regarding Sainsbury’s stocking John West’s unsustainable tuna, and hand them the letter

Please be polite! The staff in stores don’t make decisions about what Sainsbury’s stock and they might be unsure about what to say – however if enough staff feedback to Sainsbury’s head office that they’ve received complaints in-store then this will have a real impact.

If you don’t have a Sainsbury’s store near you or can’t make it in, you can also post the letter to your local store manager – find their address here:Sainsbury’s store locator

Talking points

    • If you usually shop at Sainsbury’s let them know!
    • Say that you’re concerned about Sainbury’s stocking unsustainable John West tuna. John West tuna is caught using destructive fishing methods, which are harmful to other marine life, such as sharks and turtles.
    • The customer services team may tell you that they aren’t the best people to talk to about this issue, but don’t be put off! Tell them you’d like them to pass your message on to the relevant department.
    • If they ask you to send an email, tell them that you and 72,000 others have already emailed CEO Mike Coupe and are disappointed that you haven’t had a response!
    • On the ‘Sustainability Plan’ section of their website, Sainsbury’s state that “Healthy oceans are vital for the health of our planet and millions of livelihoods around the world”. In light of this, they must insist that the brands they stock, like John West, stop using destructive fishing methods such as Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs).
    • It’s great that Sainsbury’s own brand tuna is 100% pole & line caught, but why then do they stock tuna caught using unsustainable methods? Sainsbury’s must take responsibility for all the tuna products they are selling and ensure they are 100% sustainable.
    • In the last 2 weeks, Tesco and Waitrose said they could drop John West if they don’t reach high sustainability standards and renounce this destructive fishing method. Customers should expect nothing less from Sainsbury’s.

Do leave your contact information if you feel comfortable doing so – it means they have to look at and respond to your complaint rather than just ignoring it.

Finally, ask the manager for their name (if they haven’t given it already) and thank them for their time.

You can let us know how your conversation goes by filling in the form below or emailing us at team.uk@greenpeace.org

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