Um dia de marxismo nas escolas, neste outono

Fall Marxism Day Schools

2016 Fall Marxism Day Schools
An endless, miserable presidential campaign is over—with the most miserable result imaginable. President Trump will stoke bigotry and the rise of the radical right, all the while doubling down on tax breaks for the rich. This comes at a time when recession looms on the horizon; with the Pentagon, CIA, and NSA intent on continuing their wars around the world; and with the threat of climate disaster growing worse by the day. Workers and students will have to fight if we want to change the direction of history.

Fortunately, there are important signs of struggle against these injustices, which are the best way we can channel our anger and fear. Native American activists

and their allies at Standing Rock are showing that we can challenge corporate power. The Black Lives Matter movement refuses to be silent, putting the fight against racism back in the center of American politics. Students for Justice in Palestine is one of the fastest growing campus groups in the country. During the presidential race, Trump’s bigotry pushed tens of thousands of people to stand up to his agenda and Clinton’s corporate centrism led millions of people to consider voting for Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Meanwhile, campaigns and strikes by Chicago teachers, Philadelphia transit employees, Minnesota nurses, and Jim Beam distillery workers, along with a string of victories in the fight for a $15 minimum wage, point to the potential to revive the labor movement.

On top of all this, the popularity of Bernie Sanders’ demand for a political revolution and a turn towards socialism raised the hopes of millions of young people—while his endorsement of Clinton left many scratching their heads. While a majority of young people polled are sympathetic to socialist ideas, wishing alone won’t bring socialism into existence. If we want strong unions, an end to racist police brutality, liberation for women and LGBT people, and indigenous self-determination—in short, a socialist world free of oppression and exploitation—we’ve got a battle on our hands.

In the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx wrote, “Workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains.” Marx’s call to take action by relying on our own power is just as relevant today as it was then. In the 21st century, we might in fact lose the whole planet if the working class doesn’t organize itself independently to fight for an alternative.

Join the International Socialist Organization and socialists from around the country to discuss the revolutionary theories that can guide the practical work needed to transform the idea of socialism into a powerful movement to change the world.

Below is a list of cities and dates for this fall’s Marxism Day Schools. We will be updating this page to announce locations, meeting times, and other important information. We have also posted readings below attendees can read to prepare for the day schools. Two of those readings are Ian Birchall’s Bailing Out the System: Reformist Socialism in Western Europe, 1944-1985 and Carl E. Schorske’s German Social Democracy, 1905-1917: The Development of the Great Schism. The rest of the readings can be found on a separate page on this website by clicking here.
You can also download b/w and color posters to promote your day school locally.

Bay Area Marxism Day School

Bay Area, CA—November 12th, 2016, 10:30am – 7pm
UC Berkeley, Berkeley CA.
RSVP on Facebook. Sliding scale donation, $5 – $25, nobody turned away for lack of funds. On-site registration (beginning at 10:30am) and the first session will be will be held in Hearst Field Annex, Room A1. From 12:30pm-5pm, meetings will be held in Barrows Hall, Rooms 56 and 60. The evening plenary—“What next after the election?”—will be held in Hearst Field Annex, Room A1.
Visit the Bay Area ISO District’s website for a full schedule, including sessions, readings, and room numbers.

Bay Area Marxism Day School Schedule

Registration (10:30am-11am, Hearst Field, Annex Room A1, map)

Morning Session (11am-12pm, Hearst Field Annex, Room A1, map)
— The politics of socialism from below: Why the working class can change the world

Session Block One (12:30pm-2pm)
— The legacy of the Russian Revolution (Barrows Hall, Room 56, map)
— Race, class, and capitalism (Barrows Hall, Room 60, map)

Lunch (2pm-3pm)
— Student introduction to the ISO pizza lunch

Session Block Two (3pm-4:30pm)
— Marxism and Women’s Liberation (Barrows Hall, Room 56, map)
— Bailing out the system: The rise and decline of social democracy (Barrows Hall, Room 60, map)

Evening Plenary (5pm-6:30pm)
— What Next after the Election?

After Party (7pm)


Midwest Marxism Day School

Chicago, IL—November 12th, 2016, 10am-6pm
Location: DePaul University, Loop Campus, 14 East Jackson Blvd, Chicago Illinois 60603
Purchase a ticket and RSVP on FacebookOn-site registration opens at 10am. Tickets are $10-25 sliding scale, no one turned away.

Midwest Marxism Day School Schedule


Session Block One
— Race, Class, and Capitalism
— Why the Working Class Can Change the World


Session Block Two
— Reform or Revolution?
— The Revolutionary Party: What it is and why we need one

Evening Plenary
— What Next after the Election?, with Alan Maass, editor of Socialist Worker newspaper


New England Marxism Day School

Boston, MA—November 12th, 2016, 12pm-9pm
Location: 18 Palmer Street, Roxbury, MA 02119
Purchase a ticket and RSVP on Facebook for the New England Marxism Day School.

Free childcare will be available — please request childcare by November 5th. Contact us at

New England Marxism Day School Schedule

Registration (12pm)

Session Block One (1pm—2:45pm)
— Race, Class, & Capitalism
— Marxism and Women’s Liberation

Session Block Two (3:15pm-5pm)
— The Legacy of the Russian Revolution
— The Politics of Socialism from Below

Evening Plenary (7pm-9:00pm)
— What Next after the Election?


New York City Marxism Day School

New York, N.Y.—November 12th, 2016
Purchase a ticket and RSVP on Facebook for the NYC Marxism Day School
Visit for more information and download a flyer for the event.


Northwest Marxism Day School

Portland, OR—November 12th, 2016, 11am-6pm (PST)
Location: Portland State University, Smith Student Union Building, Room 296
RSVP on Facebook for the Northwest Marxism Day School.

Sessions include:
— Why the working class can change the world
— Reform or revolution: Can capitalism evolve towards socialism?
— What’s next for the Left after the election?


Southeast Marxism Day School

Asheville, N.C.—November 12th, 2016
RSVP on Facebook

Southeast Marxism Day School Schedule

Registration (10-10:30am)

Session Block One (10:30am—12pm)
— Race, Class, & Capitalism

Lunch (12-1pm)

Session Block Two (1-2:30pm)
— Toward a Revolutionary Socialist Party

Break (2:30-2:45pm)

Evening Plenary (2:45-4:30pm)
— What Next after the Election?, with Ashley Smith

Free visitor parking is available on campus.

Childcare can be organized with sufficient notice.


Ohio Marxism Day School

Columbus, OH—November 19th, 2016
RSVP on Facebook

Ohio Marxism Day School Schedule

Registration (10am)

Session Block One (11am—1pm)
— Race, Class, & Capitalism
— Why the Working Class Can Change the World
— Reform or Revolution?

Lunch (1-2pm)

Session Block Two (2-4pm)
— Marxism & Women’s Liberation
— Student Power & the Neoliberal University
— Toward a Revolutionary Socialist Party

Evening Plenary (4:30-6:30pm)
— What Next after the Election?


Texas Marxism Day School

Austin, TX—November 19th, 2016
Location: University of Texas-Austin, Parlin Hall, Room 203
Guest speakers: Paul D’Amato (author of The Meaning of Marxism) and Jen Roesch (contributor to Socialist Worker)
Registration: $10-20 (sliding scale)
RSVP on Facebook

Texas Marxism Day School Schedule

Registration (11am)

Session Block One (11:30am—1pm)
— The Politics of Socialism from Below

Lunch (1-2pm)

Session Block Two (2-3:45pm)
— Race, Class, and Capitalism

Session Block Three (4-5:30pm)
— Towards a Revolutionary Socialist Party

Dinner (5:30pm)

Evening Plenary (7pm)
— What Next after the Election?


Southern California Marxism Day School

San Diego, CA—November 19th, 2016
City Heights Library
3795 Fairmount Ave,
San Diego, CA 92105
RSVP on Facebook

Southern California Marxism Day School Schedule

Registration (11:30am)

Session Block One (12pm—1:30pm)
— The Politics of Socialism from Below

Session Block Two (1:45-3:15pm)
— Race and Class

Evening Plenary (3:30-5:00pm)
— What Next after the Election?



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