Entre os que tudo-têm e os que nada-têm se encontram os que têm-alguma-coisa e pensam que são ricos

Between the Haves and Have-Nots are the Have-a-Little, Want
Mores—the middle class. Torn between upholding the status quo to
protect the little they have, yet wanting change so they can get more,
they become split personalities. They could be described as social,
economic, and political schizoids. Generally, they seek the safe way,
where they can profit by change and yet not risk losing the little they
have. They insist on a minimum of three aces before playing a hand

Today in Western society and particularly in
United States they comprise the majority of our population.
in the poker game of revolution.

Thermopolitically they are tepid and rooted in inertia.

Rules For Radicals


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