Unidos, se vence. Se correr o bixo pega, se nos unirmos o bixo corre!

Dear Indivisibles,

Tonight. We. Won. Big.

Virginia candidates had a landslide progressive victory. Democrats held on to the Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor, and Governor seats. More importantly, progressives have picked up 9 (so far!) House of Delegate races previously considered wholly unwinnable. These victories prove that the progressive movement is energized, locally-led, and unapologetic in rejecting Trump’s style of hate and fear-mongering.

The lesson from Virginia is: when Indivisibles fight, we win. We’re going to fight for progressive candidates everywhere in the country — and up and down the ballot! — in all 435 congressional districts. Next up is Alabama, where our team is traveling TOMORROW to fight in the open Senate seat election there next month. Can you chip in $35 to make sure we can continue to transform Indivisible’s constituent power into electoral power nationwide?

Co-Executive Directors Leah Greenberg and Ezra Levin canvass with Donte Tanner, candidate for Virginia’s 40th District this morning!

How we won:

  • Statewide organizing: Virginia has 180 active Indivisible Groups across the state, more than any other state in the South. Dozens of Virginia groups and an additional 183 Indivisible groups across the country mobilized for progressives up and down the ballot by phone banking, texting, and canvassing for our delegate targets.
  • Supporting progressive, down-ballot candidates: Justin Fairfax became the first Black candidate to win a statewide election in Virginia since 1989 and is Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor-elect. Our team also supported Danica Roem, a champion for transportation equity, the DREAM Act, and LGBTQ equality. Kathy Tran became the first Asian-American woman elected to the state house. Elizabeth Guzman and Hala Ayala are the first Latina members of the Virginia House of Delegates. And Wendy Gooditis, co-founder of Indivisible Clarke County, won her seat in Virginia’s 10th district.
  • Virtual volunteers in border states: 812 volunteers completed more than 371,000 calls to Virginia voters. 435 volunteers sent 33,000 text messages to Virginia voters.

As we move from Virginia to Alabama to every district in the country, we have a long, hard fight ahead of us. But we’re excited to build on the success of our Virginia team’s work with local Indivisible groups and movement partners. Join us to take the lessons from Virginia nationwide.

Resistance is not and cannot just be focused on issue advocacy. For Indivisible, and our country, to succeed, we need to turn advocacy wins into electoral success. That’s what happened today.

A progressive wave is coming, and 2018 is almost here. Let’s do this.

In solidarity,
Leah Greenberg and Ezra Levin, co-founders of the Indivisible Project

PS — Shout out to Indivisible KC co-founder Hillary Shields who is running for State Senate. And to Indivisible Groups in Washington’s 45th district attempting to flip the tied Senate from tied to Democratic-controlled. We’re staying up late tonight to see how these shake out.

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