Plante uma árvore na Terra Palestina roubada pelos sionistas

In case you have not seen it already, I wanted to share with you a message from our executive director about the amazing progress we’ve made this month on our Trees for Life campaign. This year, we will already be planting more trees than we ever have before. But, Tarcisio, I know we can do even more. Check out Yousef’s message below to find out why supporting Trees for Life roots resistance in Palestine for generations to come- and how you can be a part of that future. If you’re already one of the hundreds of people who supported this campaign, thank you. 
Karl Anderson
Development Associate

The olive harvest season is drawing to a close in Palestine, but farmers are still facing Israeli settler and military violence. Last month, Israel destroyed 550 olive trees, stole several tons of produce, and prevented hundreds of farming families from accessing their land.

The olive groves that were destroyed were the primary source of livelihood for Palestinian farming families – and served as a symbol of resistance to the occupation and a direct tie to the land of Palestine. With our Trees for Life partnership with the Palestinian Fair Trade Association, you have one last opportunity to provide tangible relief to these farmers.

Tarcisio, today is #GivingTuesday and your last chance to root Palestinian resistance on the ground and through our work here.
When you give $25 today, we will plant a tree in your name. When you give $100, we will plant five trees. As thanks for your gift, we will send you a commemorative certificate that honors your support of the farmers. These also make a great holiday gift. 
It is not enough for us to just replace the trees that were destroyed. This returns us to the status quo, a situation we know is unsustainable. We have to do better than that, which is why we have the ambitious goal raising enough of 1,500 trees. The good news is that we are already 78% of the way there – and now we need your help in the final stretch.
Olive trees have immense social, economic, and cultural significance for Palestinians. With 329 trees to go, your help is needed to reach our goal. Help us ensure these trees will be rooted for generations to come.
Executive Director
PS: Join nearly 500 people who have taken action for Palestinian Rights and farming families – your tree can contribute to a farming family’s livelihood for generations to come. Help us reach our goal of 1,500 trees by making a tax-deductible donation today.

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