Incrivel, matando mulheres como na Idade Média – bruxas!

They think she’s a witch.
There has been an alarming surge in sorcery-related attacks on women in Papua New Guinea. News reports show that at least six of these recent attacks have been fatal.
Women have been stripped, tied up, doused in petrol and burned alive. Some have been beheaded in public places, following accusations of witchcraft.
This sickening practice needs to end.
Together we can protect the lives of women and girls.
Will you donate today to fund this urgent work?


Tarcisio, it’s shocking this is still happening in 2017.
In the remote communities and highland provinces of Papua New Guinea, the traditional belief of sorcery is dangerously used as a pretext for brutal acts of violence against women.
Women who are unmarried, without a family, or have been widowed are disproportionately accused. Now, shunned by their communities, they live in constant fear of being attacked. Lack of intervention from authorities means many of these murders go unreported.
We need your help to stop these brutal attacks against women. Donate today to help change the lives of women.
A few short years ago women’s rights advocate Helen Rumbali was tortured for three days and then beheaded after being accused of ‘committing acts of sorcery.’
Thanks to you, we mobilized the movement and put pressure on the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea. As a result, he later repealed the notorious Sorcery Act.
We’ve made progress, but as attacks surge once again, we must urgently pressure the Papua New Guinea government to enforce laws that protect women.
For far too long, the murders of women accused of sorcery have gone unpunished.
Tarcisio, the women of Papua New Guinea need your help. Support our fight for their rights with a gift of $30 today.
I know we can create change together because we’ve done it before. Our collective support has already made a real difference to women’s lives. We can’t stop now.
Will you stand with us for women’s rights?

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