Ohio vai executar um inocente!

#TooMuchDoubt: Stop Ohio from Executing William Montgomery

William T. Montgomery maintained his innocence, before, during, and after the trial that sent him to Ohio’s death row 31 years ago. Despite significant doubts over his guilt, Ohio is scheduled to execute him on April 11, 2018.

No credible evidence ties Montgomery to the crime, and facts in the case point to suspects who were never seriously investigated.
The state’s entire theory of his guilt is undermined by the fact that prosecutors withheld evidence such as police reports, tips about other suspects, physical evidence implicating a co-defendant, and more.
The only evidence implicating Montgomery came from a co-defendant, Glover Head, who received a 15-year-to-life sentence in exchange for his testimony. Head’s story changed five times and only implicated Montgomery in the last version.
Montgomery has found exculpatory evidence that had been hidden during his trial. A new review of the forensics shows that the state’s theory of the crime could not have happened.

Please sign this petition to let Governor Kasich know William Montgomery should not be executed with this much doubt surrounding his case. The execution of an innocent person is irreversible!
Governor Kasich,

You cannot allow the execution of William Montgomery to take place on April 11. There is too much doubt surrounding his case, and the execution of an innocent person is irreversible. Please do whatever you can to stop this execution.
—–> WHAT NOW? 855-782-6925 <—– to ask him to stop the execution of William Montgomery, so that he can have a fair trial at which ALL of the evidence may be considered. Please make this call at least once (if not daily), and ask others to do so as well. Don't worry – none of your information is collected and you will not be added to any new list. Using this special number allows our allies at Ohioans to Stop Executions to track how many calls the Governor is receiving. You should also receive a follow-up email from us with a few other actions. Thanks so much for all of your help!

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