Over 100 children are still held indefinitely on Nauru

Amnesty International
Over 100 children are still held indefinitely on Nauru

Have you heard of ‘Resignation Syndrome’? In layman terms it means giving up on life.
It happens to kids who have lived through deeply traumatic experiences. They take to their beds and withdraw from the world. They’re unable to move, they don’t eat, drink or respond.
They disconnect the conscious part of their brain in response to an intolerable reality. It’s a life-threatening disorder that is now being observed among children held indefinitely on Nauru.
Reports from medical staff are so damning, the Australian Medical Association has said today that this is “a humanitarian emergency requiring urgent intervention”.
Tarcisio, there isn’t any more time to waste.
Please donate today to help us put pressure on the Australian Government so that the kids on Nauru are evacuated immediately – it’s a medical and moral imperative.
Donate now
No matter the problem, keeping children in detention indefinitely is not the solution.
Kids living in the open-air prison on Nauru need to be resettled here or in a safe country that welcomes them.
For Australians, it’s a matter of decency, compassion, humanism.
For the families who have been on Nauru for 5 years, it’s a matter of life and death.
We’re talking about innocent children, whose parents have committed no crimes, being punished for seeking safety in Australia.
Kids afflicted with resignation syndrome will have long-lasting trauma. We can’t ignore that it is Australia’s responsibility to look after these families.
Please can you make a donation today to help put an end to this cruelty.
Your gift will help us:

Demand that the Australian government safely removes kids and their families from Nauru.
Continue to research human rights abuses in regional processing centres.
Improve Australia’s community sponsorship program for humane refugee settlement.
Like your daughter, son, nephews, nieces or grandchildren, all these kids want is to be able to play, learn about the world and grow up in a safe environment.
We must act before it’s too late.
Work and ensure that children on Nauru are brought to safety.

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