Uma mulher que luta pelos direitos das mulheres adoeceu na prisão.

After years of imprisonment, Iranian rights defender Narges Mohammadi’s health is failing.

At the insistence of doctors, the authorities allowed Narges to be admitted to hospital for an urgent hysterectomy in May.

Her family is now asking that they allow Narges to be hospitalised long term to recover, or granted medical leave.

Narges should not be detained in the first place, let alone while suffering serious health complications. Call on Iran to release Narges, and to allow her immediate medical treatment.ça que ela seja solta, incondicionalmente

Iran’s authorities sentenced Narges Mohammadi to 16 years in prison in 2016. This is not the first time she has been imprisoned for being a peaceful voice for human rights. In 2012 she began serving a 6-year sentence, but was released on medical grounds due to her worsening health.

Iran’s rights defenders face incredible danger. They are harassed and jailed. Prison sentences can be extended, and conditions can be dire. But our collective voices can help. Recently thousands of supporters like you called for Iranian rights defender Golrokh to be released; she walked free in April.

Act now and call on Iran to immediately release Narges.

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