Don’t let companies profit off climate chaos!

Jane Fonda here. Yesterday, I led the 9th Fire Drill Friday into the streets of Washington D.C. to mobilize for climate justice and migrant rights, and shut down business-as-usual for the financial institutions that are profiting off of the climate crisis and immigrant detention.

Nós temos que impedir que os capitalistas tirem lucro do caos climáticos

But I wasn’t alone. I was gratefully joined by youth climate-strikers, social justice groups, and grassroots organizers to use our collective power in demanding immediate and decisive action on climate justice, while continuing to expand the table of who is involved in the climate movement.

The climate movement is escalating in a big way. That’s why I was so excited to hear from my friend and Greenpeace Executive Director, Annie Leonard, that they are kicking off their most ambitious end of year fundraising effort ever — they need our help to raise $1,031,000 by midnight, December 31st, in order to do everything they can to save the climate.

Will you make a generous gift to Greenpeace right now to help meet that goal?

The purpose of Fire Drill Fridays is to use our platforms together, take risks, and encourage people to do everything in our power to call attention to the greatest challenge humankind has ever faced: the climate crisis.

Yesterday’s Fire Drill Friday highlighted the links between climate and migrant injustices that are disrupting the land and ecosystems that millions of people rely on. Some are forced to flee, and these climate migrants face life-threatening hardship, discrimination, and repression in their search for safety — and the most vulnerable lack the resources to migrate, so remain in harm’s way.

Here’s what makes me furious: many of the same banks that made billions of dollars financing the fossil fuel industry that caused the climate crisis — Black Rock, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan Chase — are now making millions off of climate refugees by bankrolling the companies working with ICE to finance border wall construction and run for-profit prisons and detention centers. First, they drive climate migration, then they profit from it?! 

This is just one of the many wrongs that Greenpeace is trying to right. To do all this, they rely completely on donors like you.Your very first donation today will help our movement take on more winning campaigns, launch more strategic initiatives, and go after the people who continue to act with impunity, putting profit over the rights of people.

We know governments won’t deliver climate action and justice on their own, so that’s why I’m partnering with my friends at Greenpeace to tackle the climate crisis and build momentum around Fire Drill Fridays and escalating climate action.

Every single day, people like you are powering our movement and doing the work to create a world that we all believe is possible. Help us end corporate greed and government collusion. Join me in supporting Greenpeace’s fight for Earth and our shared future as generously as you can today.

With love, hope, solidarity, and determination,

Jane Fonda
Actress, Writer, Producer, and Greenpeace supporter

P.S. The world needs you right now, more than ever. Join me in helping Greenpeace reach their year-end goal of $1,031,000 with a gift today. Your belief in a greener, more peaceful future is what keeps this movement strong.

A Janika, de apenas 14 anos, foi encontrada seminua no quintal da casa de sua avó.

A Janika, de apenas 14 anos, foi encontrada seminua no quintal da casa de sua avó. Ela havia sido estuprada e foi espancada até a morte com um bloco de concreto, sendo mais uma fatalidade na revoltante epidemia de estupro que assola a África do Sul.

É horrível — mas agora podemos fazer algo a este respeito.

Um programa educacional comprovado cientificamente, no qual participaram milhares de jovens na África Oriental, reduziu o número de estupros pela METADE. Os instrutores vão nas escolas ensinar aos meninos sobre consentimento e como usar suas vozes em defesa das mulheres e as garotas aprendem defesa pessoal e como identificar riscos. Os organizadores dizem que esse programa já preveniu mais de 200 mil casos de agressão sexual!

Agora, eles querem levar este projeto por toda a África, onde quase metade das mulheres são vítimas de violência física e sexual ao longo de suas vidas. Mas eles precisam de fundos — e pediram ajuda ao nosso movimento.

Estuprada, assassinada, era uma menina, claro, negra!