The end of civilization

The end of civilization

Everything points to the end of this civilization in the next 10 years. The report given out by the meeting at Bali indicates that if something striking shall not occur in the next 10 years then we should have lost the time to make changes regarding the global warming which then will take over inexorably.

We may imagine that this may have happen in the past with the human civilization, the so called Noe Arch may be a sign of this. There are many other signs pointing to a previous big civilization which human beings have taken part of. Other authors have seen in them the presence of astronauts, looked as gods coming to the earth. Certainly we have get some history back which may justify some of the knowledge our fathers have had in mathematics,
in architecture which are mysterious like pyramids in Egypt whose construction and planning let us overthrown not only by the engineering but by the construction itself, usually though off as being done by thousand of slaves.

But of course this is only a detail, and recent detail which can be roughly though of as an item of our actual civilization. In mathematics there devices like the so called Pascal Triangle which is said to be known by Chinese as far as 6000 years back and the Hindus mathematicians may have known parts of the Differential Calculus for some 4000 years in the past and we can not trace down how they could have come up to this knowledge together with the knowledge we have today. Would they really have had this knowledge, our civilization should have been much forward than it is, either they have not had been masters of this knowledge or may they have got pieces of code leaved over by other civilization in the same way we are trying to leave.

This is nothing but a theory that humans may have had a civilization which has disappeared like ours is going to disappear in the next 10 years. We certainly will not have time to prove this and those which will hopefully come after us will no be capable of discovering nothing about ourselves in the signals they may find left back from us.

The calculus which is made, without no real basis, that the Earth can recover from the coming superwarming which is underway, and that will last for 300 years, if happening, will leave no real traces of our civilization even though some effort is underway to keep these traces. The humans which may survive will be in so poor state of knowledge that they will no be able to understand the message that we are trying to pass out to them. They will be so far back, in the language, that the codes we are using will be as cryptic to them as those we are still meeting in the archaeological pictures we can find nowadays and that we are note able decipher. Our messages will meaningless to them and they will have to follow the whole path we have followed ourselves to construct a new knowledge because they will no be able to understand the code we are going to leave to them.

Summarising our civilization will be simply lost and a new one will be raised from scratch. This is a big loss!

I will be writing, from time to time on these matters in my way to try to understand what can be done to shortcut this stupid destruction although in this very moment I cannot see a solution. This matter is so big that certainly will be necessary a lot of human brain to conceal a solution and perhaps putting these thoughts in a public medium will open the opportunity to more people to join me in this search. I cannot imagine other means will be left to find a solution out of this, other than through a cooperative effort of many, many interested people. I have my own views on the subject that I shall put here and I invite others to join me in thinking out something
for all of us.

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