Before becoming Trump’s FCC Chair, Ajit Pai was a top lawyer at Verizon

This is it. Today, Verizon-lawyer-turned-FCC-Chair Ajit Pai released his final plan to kill net neutrality.

It’s a great early Christmas present for Verizon, Comcast, and the rest of Big Cable, but terrible news for pretty much everyone else who uses the internet.

We’re not backing down from defending the internet we all know and love. Today we’re announcing December 7 will be a massive, nationwide day of protests at Verizon stores across the country.

Click here to find a Verizon store protest near you on December 7.

Before becoming Trump’s FCC Chair, Ajit Pai was a top lawyer at Verizon. And he’s acting like he’s still on their payroll.

Instead of looking out for ordinary Americans who depend on a free and open internet for their healthcare, education, and livelihoods, Pai is paving the way for monopolistic ISPs to block and censor what we see online, and push anyone who can’t pay extra fees into “internet slow lanes.” The impact on free speech and innovation online will be devastating.

Pai and his buddies on Team Cable have gone out of their way to make it sound like they support the free and open internet, just not the supposedly “burdensome regulations” of Title II.

But make no mistake: Without Title II, there. is. no. net. neutrality.

Save Title II net neutrality. Find a protest at a Verizon store near you.

Verizon may think it’s won control of the internet thanks to its crony at the FCC. But what they really did is awake the fury of the internet.

Already today, internet users made an astonishing 75,000 phone calls to Congress through Now we need to take that energy and hit Verizon where it hurts – their profits – with protests at their stores during the busy holiday shopping season.

We won’t kid you – we are one very big step closer to losing net neutrality for good. But all is not lost.

There are still dozens of lawmakers on the fence who can intervene and force Pai back from this awful plan to kill net neutrality. They need to see and hear an enormous public outcry before they will act – and that’s why many of these protests will march afterward to nearby district offices for members of Congress and demand action.

Join your fellow internet users December 7 to save net neutrality. Find a Verizon store protest near you.

Thanks for taking action,

Carli Stevenson
Demand Progress

P.S. Don’t see a Verizon store protest in your city yet? Click here to start your own. It’s easy and we’ll be in touch with all the info you’ll need.

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